Core Capabilities

Volkswagen-Mobvoi provides full-stack intelligent mobility solutions based
on in-depth customization of model platform and helps OEMs to
build up comprehensive intelligent connectivity capabilities.
Personalized AI Push
Car Control
Multimode HMI
In-car Smart Devices

SDS Speech Dialog System

Characteristics of speech interaction during driving

Environmental noise
Wind noise Tire noise
Background music Navigation broadcast In-car chat Street noise
Network instability
Blind zone Street signal
Autonomous driving
High safety demands
Interaction efficiency Response time
User guidance


Speech technology solution for on-board scenarios

Complete on-board offline HMI engine

Our on-board offline HMI engine can provide accurate and smooth speech recognition, intelligent and comprehensive understanding of natural language, rich CP&SP services such as navigation and music, even without a network.

With the strategy of online-offline convergence, our solution is capable of seamlessly switching between cloud resources and local services to ensure the best interactive experience for users in all working conditions.

VW-Mobvo 大众问问 大众问问
VW-Mobvo 大众问问 大众问问
Driving scenarios are identified for intelligent noise reduction

Machine learning algorithms are used to intelligently recognize a variety of driving scenarios and proactively adjust the noise reduction parameters for different noise environments. The recognition rate reaches above 93% at 120 km/h.

Multiple microphone solutions

A variety of front-end microphone solutions such as single, dual and triple microphones and distributed arrays are used to meet the needs of different models.

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Industry-leading on-board speech capability

Core indicators
< 2s

Online E2E response time


real vehicle wakeup rate


accuracy rate of online ASR recognition


vertical search domains


Testing data of cars


On-board speech solutions

Hardware layer

DSP module

Embedded software layer


VAD、ASR、NLG、DSP Software-core Algorithm

Cloud software layer



Vehicle Control Functions

VW-Mobvoi has in-depth cooperation with Renesas, Qualcomm, and other major on-board chip manufacturers,
launching Linux and Android software platforms optimized for MCU and SoC platforms,
integrating core technologies with partners’ IP to provide clients with corresponding solutions and services.

On-board Bluetooth solutions

Linux-based Bluetooth middleware

Android H/U-based Bluetooth and dual-device connection solutions

Dual-device connection solutions

Mobile phone interconnection solutions



Key technologies

Linux & Android quick start (with quick reversing video)

Android-based multi-window technology

OS system performance and stability optimization

Automated testing technology

CAN protocol stack and application

Overall infotainment system solutions

Android-based middle- and high-end infotainment solutions

Linux-based middle-end infotainment solutions

Personalized Push

Recommending nearby

restaurants you might like

Multimode HMI

Intelligent vehicle interaction has transformed to a combination of touch control, speech recognition and gesture recognition, as well as upcoming multi-mode convergence including eye movement and emotion recognition.

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Multi-mode interaction integrates natural language understanding, touch control, vision control, machine learning and vehicle sensors to enable personalized conversations with users and deliver optimal and personalized results during driving. VW-Mobvoi’s design principles for multi-mode HMI is: first, we want to ensure intelligent cockpit safety; second, HMI needs to be comfortable and convenient, and conforms to the natural habits and perception needs of the human body.

Big Data

Privacy protection and data security are one of the services VW-Mobvoi provides to OEM Clients. With partner and user authorization, VW-Mobvoi provides personalized and systematic services based on desensitized speech and user behavior big data.

The accuracy of recognition and semantic understanding is improved based on big data

Big data of user speech is regularly and automatically incorporated into the AI model to better recognize users’ accents and differentiated expressions, so that users can easily and freely use the speech system based on their own speech patterns.

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Personalized service is provided based on big data of user behaviors

The VW-Mobvoi speech system provides users with personalized services by means of speaker recognition technologies such as voiceprint, and intelligent recommendations and personalized search engines trained with big data based on user search behaviors.

In-car Smart Devices

VW-Mobvoi has the ability to mass-produce on-board intelligent networking hardware, and will continue to incubate the next generation of high-quality products. It has launched smart on-board headunit, intelligent rearview mirrors, and speech input modules for OEMs and aftermarket, creating more complete on-board interactive hardware solutions based on a continuously expanding product portfolio.

VW-Mobvoi relies upon the advantages of existing hardware platforms to provide access services for on-board intelligent hardware and create an automotive ecosystem for intelligent networking hardware. Based on VW-Mobvoi’s advantage in AI and HMI technology, VW-Mobvoi explores a combination of hardware, AI and HMI. It aims to explore future product forms of HMI and empower intelligentt cockpit with richer connections and better experience of HMI.

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A better on-board intelligent experience is inseparable from rich connectivity eco-systems. VW-Mobvoi has built up cooperation with a number of top online service and on-board hardware providers and built an open intelligent network platform to provide a unique experience of cross-domain and personalized services.

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OTAOnline Upgrade

The OTA vehicle remote upgrade management server needs to interact with the TSP, PKI/CA, MES and DMS systems in OEM's own management systems through API interfaces to provide upgrade package preparation, strategy development, task configuration and other functions. The vehicle interacts with the server to realize functions such as new version detection, upgrade package downloading, upgrade package verification, and onboard firmware rewrite.

The VW-Mobvoi OTA system is committed to building a one-stop IoV and IoT OTA upgrade service platform. The cloud, baed on AI + big data technology, provides customers with intelligent upgrades. Based on years of software technology experience and customized services, we can ensure that clients get the most stable and reliable upgrade capability with optimal input, in the shortest time.

Back-end Service Capability

Creating a comprehensive next-generation automotive service platform

  • Objectivea comprehensive next-generation automotive service platform
  • Business supportstable, reliable, quick and customized software services
  • Basic supportcontent and service platform, on-board scenario AI push platform, and OTA system

The back-end team of VW-Mobvoi has rich experience in developing technical solutions related to IoV back-end systems and services. Based on delivery of several large-scale IoV projects, we have established a line of versatile products with independent intellectual property rights, and are building a series of comprehensive next-generation automotive service platform for use by OEMs. Relying on our content and service platforms, on-board AI push platforms, and OTA system, VW-Mobvoi is able to provide stable, reliable, quick, and customized services for business application by OEMs that need steady and agile development. Professional consulting, end-to-end delivery, and automated O&M services can be provided according to OEM’s needs.

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