Intelligent on-board system

VW-Mobvo 大众问问
VW-Mobvo 大众问问
Customized AMAP Version for Ticmirror

Automatic update, zero-traffic navigation,intelligent route planning, and real-time monitoring prompt

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Intimate ambient mode

Retains the most important navigation information while taking into account the mirror function

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Precise dual satellite positioning

Equipped with dual Beidou/GPS modules for precise positioning and navigation

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Interaction with phone

Send positions to Ticmirror through a phone for one-button navigation. The phone continues seamless navigation when getting out and walking

Overall intelligent interaction

Liberate your hands to concentrate on driving

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Mobvoi wakes up instantly when you say “hello” to listen to your instructions

Dual-array DSP chip microphone

SSP noise reduction

AEC echo cancellation

Innovative driver/full car sound reception modes

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Innovative gesture control – wave your hands to get information

Infrared gesture sensors

Safe controls combining software and hardware

Ingenious design

Verified through hundreds of reliability tests


Low temperature resistance


Button pushes


High temperature resistance

Capsule shape with no sharp edges, in line with automotive safety requirements

No battery is required for higher safety

Storage from -40˚C to 85˚C; operation from -20˚C to 70˚C

Passed vibration and 50,000 button press tests

On-board entertainment, making driving fun

Massive resources for comfortable listening

Controllable through gestures or speech, making operation simple and effective

Wave your hand to switch songs, no need for speech control

FM signals are connected to on-board audio, which is compatible with on-board audio

Massive audio resources without sacrificing sound quality

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NetEase Cloud Music

Exclusive customized version

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Koala FM

Personalized on-board radio dedicated to driving

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Online radio station allowing you to listen comfortably in the car

Real-time control through WeChat

Innovative three-screen linkage for the intelligent life

Send the destination through WeChat in advance for automatic navigation upon boarding. Share locations with WeChat friends through one button to meet friends through navigation. Automatically take photos to be sent to the mobile phone in case of any abnormality in the unmanned car. WeChat can control the Ticmirror to take photos; acquire real-time vehicle position and driving route so you never again forget your parking space

Comprehensive linkage of Mobvoi AI products

Actively embracing the future

VW-Mobvo 大众问问

In the future, intelligent interconnection can be realized among wearable devices, intelligent on-board devices, and household devices, providing unlimited convenience at every moment of life.