Intelligent Vehicle Control System

Intelligent Vehicle Control System is an automotive-grade vehicle-mounted device, which integrates powerful functions within limited compact space. The owner could remotely control multiple functions of his/her car and instantly upgrade software of the car through the mobile APP. The Remote Information Query function enables car owners to keep abreast of the vehicle status at any time and enjoy the unprecedented convenience.

Keyless Entry

The owner should bring the car key with him/her. When he/she gets close to the car, the car control box will link to the car key through Bluetooth to open the door.

Upgraded Comfort

The owner can remotely start the engine and turn on the air conditioner in advance for heating or cooling, achieving more comfortable experience.

Remote Control

When the owner clicks the function button in APP, his/her car will automatically honk and turn on the double flashing lamps after receiving the signal, enabling the owner to find his/her car easily in a large parking lot.

More Convenient Experience

The windows will automatically close after the owner gets out of the car and locks the car doors. The owner can remotely open the trunk, which is convenient for family members or friends to put in or take out articles or packages timely.

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