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VW-Mobvo 大众问问

Massive online radio, online music, local radio, and local music contents are integrated. Through speech,
the user can change the platform to obtain requested contents without switching apps.

A powerful speech assistant

VW-Mobvo 大众问问
Excellent understanding of natural language

Excellent understanding of natural language enables more accurate understanding of information expressed by users.

Rich service contents

Through the speech assistant, the user can directly access music, news, encyclopedia, restaurants, cinemas, gas stations, flights, weather, and other services.

No wake-up necessary

In normal usage scenarios (such as music and navigation), it is not necessary to repeatedly input the wake-up language to cut songs or adjust the volume, etc.

Interruption at any time

Users can interrupt and switch to new scenarios without speaking a complete sentence.

High service level

Customized sorting of recommendations is available, and it supports subsequent multi-scenario services.

User greeting at start-up
Greetings and the greeting interface can be set through the app.
"Wu Yan at Zhichun Road.
Welcome back to your spaceship."
Speech memos
Important events are recorded in the in-car device via speech, which can be synchronized to the mobile app, allowing the user to focus on driving without forgetting anything.
"Hello Xiaoxi, remind me to hold
a department meeting at 9:00 a.m."

FOTA upgrade

With one button, car owners can upgrade firmware and software, free of data charges, to get more services, and constantly improve their experience, with no need to return to the factory.

Usage-based Insurance (UBI) to promote safe driving habits

Join the safe driving program to get more auto insurance benefits, and cultivate good habits while enjoying better insurance.

B-Call & E-Call rescue

Upgrade the driving experience to enjoy more premium services. Get instant information and prompt professional rescue.

OEM quality assurance

VW-Mobvo 大众问问

Automotive-level standards, ensuring driving stability and user data security.

The quiescent current is less than 3mA, and continuous power can be provided, ensuring long standby.

Automotive-level environmental testing guarantees stable and safe system operation across a wide range of temperatures.